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dLiberation – EU democracy latest

Lots of goodness over at dLiberation since my last roundup:

The problem of public ignorance, continued – more from me on the difficulty of asking the public for its opinion on something as complex as EU reform

A real compromise on the EU presidency, part 1 – an intriguing argument for an alternative reform from the Director of the European Studies Centre at St Anthony’s College, Oxford – to be continued…

The cosmopolitan problem – a look at the difficulties of forging a pan-European sense of identity from the editor of openDemocracy’s Our Kingdom

The problems of deliberative polls: Legitimacy – Professor Lupia of the University of Michigan returns with part two of his critique

“The linchpin of democratic consent” – a look from me at the Tories’ odd reasoning behind their support for a referendum on the EU reform treaty (with more to follow…)

The purpose of deliberative democracy, part 2 – legitimacy – Professor Thompson of Harvard and Dr Guttmann of the University of Pennsylvania return with the second part of their introduction to the theories underlying deliberation

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