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Dog bites man Wednesday

Having not finished the long-winded, political theory-heavy (and therefore excruciatingly dull) post I started this morning, I thought I’d have a hunt round the BBC News site to find something worthy of a brief musing.

But no, it was not to be. Pity the poor news teams – and I speak from some experience here – every single story is either blindingly obvious or days, weeks, months, even years old:

Bob Crowe is the worst advert for trade unionism in decades

Politician bitter at being sidelined by his party slags off the guy who beat him to the top job

Political party’s policy direction not 100% supported by every member of said party

Institutional incompetence (and again) and the weather is more scary than pathetically incompetent wannabe terrorists

Zimbabwe is screwed

So’s the global economy (most likely)

Everyone in the UK forgot about the 10th anniversary of Mother Theresa’s death

Products made in sweatshops are often a bit crap

Nothing constructive is being done about the situation in Darfur. Still.

The UK government pretends it isn’t planning on doing something we all know it wants to do because of a bit of a negative press reaction

Military dictators don’t like opposition parties (even if the dictator in question is an ally in The War Against Terror)

Apple is launching yet another vaguely pretty overpriced gizmo that I have no desire to own


No news may be good news, but it really is boring. How many more months have we got to put up with 2007? It’s been one of the most tedious news years in, well, years… The only excitement has been the long-overdue retirement of a politician who announced that he was going two years ago, and a bunch of floods that overstayed their welcome in much the same manner. (Though with rather less loss of life and property damage than Blair caused in Iraq – boom boom! – see what I did there?)

Something interesting from me soon, I hope – but the world’s really not giving me much to play with here…

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