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Euroblog Roundup 4

Well, Sarkozy’s in, John Reid’s out, and this is a day late. My bad. Let’s try it country by country this time, for the sake of clarity…


You’d think they had enough to worry about with Turkey, but now it looks like Britain’s playing a somewhat suspect role in Armenian politics (and part 2)


That statute crisis explained – and a first-hand account of the rioting (with a translation here).


DJ Nozem has probably the best advice for how to approach the aftermath of Sarkozy’s victory – though the excellent France Decides is typically canny while looking at the possible implications for Sarkozy and Royal.


Promising new Euroblog A European View looks at Germany’s difficulty in coming to terms with her Nazi past, while Registan has a gnader at the current conflict between Germany and the rest of the EU over how to act towards Uzbekistan.


What with the riots in Estonia (and Paris last night, following Sarkozy’s victory) and protests in Turkey, it looks like most people missed the riots in Greece


Fistful calls for blogging solidarity thanks to the latest nonsense from the increasingly nutty Polish government.


The excellent Soj is back at last, with a handy guide to Romanian etiquette.


Isn’t it about time the EU acted over the bully to the east?


Still without a government, three months after the elections… But is it the fault of Kosovo?


Jon Worth has a good stab at summing up the difficulties the EU is facing over the current Turkish constitutional crisis.

The UK

England Expects on some dodgy incidents in the recent UK-wide elections.

The EU

Some sensible advice to Eurosceptics from No Guiding Light. Aimed at Finnish ones, but can easily be applied more generally. Meanwhile, over at Eurozone Watch, a look at the possible implications of the current record strength of the Euro, while Aapo looks at the rather odd and confusing concept of “Europeanness“, Jan attacks Barroso’s ineffectiveness, and Nanne has a great overview of the sheer weirdness of the EU’s legal system.

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