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Another new look

The main content’s now dark on light, which should be rather more readable.

I’ve added a linklog (sparse at the moment, but won’t be for long), because I rarely have time for full posts these days but keep spotting interesting stuff – it’ll probably be a mixture of news, comment and blog posts worth a look. No idea how the RSS feed works for that, but will look into it.

Also, you’ll notice that the proboscis monkey I’ve been using as a kind of logo for a while has now vanished, to be replaced by a monkey that’s hardly a nasalis larvatus, but still. This is partially because I was contacted by the person who had taken the image (one Dirk Petzold, for those who want to check out his work), letting me know that it was under copyright, partially because I felt like a change.

There will no doubt be a few glitches (like the confusion at the end of each post, where it’s tricky to tell whether the comments section is for the one above or below), as the template I’ve been fiddling with is somewhat complex, and I haven’t worked it all out yet. But still – nicer, I think. Spot any problems, let me know – ta!

(Oh yes, and I can’t decide – does this look better in Firefox or Internet Explorer? The rounded edges don’t show up in IE, but I can’t tell which I like more…)