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Online charitable fundraising – a bit of help needed…

I’ve just knocked up a quick website (free of charge and hosting chucked in, naturally) for a rather nice little charity run by a friend of the family that’s aiming to provide residential accommodation, day care, training and work experience for people with learning disabilities in East Sussex.

As the charity’s so small and local, I’m not sure that the usually rather good Just Giving site is necessarily the best way forward for them to provide a secure method for online donations, as the £15 a month subscription fee would eat up a good £180 a year.

Does anyone know of any alternatives – specifically ones that can be operated largely automatically, as the people running the charity are (by their own admission) hardly web savvy? I’m trying to avoid the PayPal or WorldPay solution if at all possible, as the donation system also needs to be as simple as possible for non web users…