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My computer is officially dead

Registry corrupted beyond belief by a nasty trojan thing, and unable to fix it thanks to not having a system disc / Windows CD (the joys of buying from Dell is that they seem not to supply these, and it`ll take 5-7 working days to turn up now, apparently – this on top of the fact that they didn`t even deliver the thing to my house, leaving me to go and pick it up from halfway across London, but still charged me for delivery… Grrr…)

As such, no posting from me for a while until I can get Dell`s tech support lot out in Mumbai to do their jobs properly and send some guy round to revive the thing (still less than a year old and that, so I reckon they have to – and free of charge and all, especially as it`s their fault I can`t boot from a disc).

Which means, of course, that I may not be able to do the Euroblog Roundup this weekend as planned – anyone want to take over? If so, bunk me an email – I`ll be checking intermittently as and when I get a chance (though the main priority is the two deadlines I`ve got tomorrow…)

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