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Euroblog roundup 3

Is up now at Siberian Light (ta Andy!) – loads of good stuff, from Moldovan web awards (yes, really) to the French elections.

Speaking of which, it’s the long-expected Sarko/Sego runoff (my prediction of an additional last-minute surge for Bayrou proving, one again, that political predictions are for poltroons). What happens next? Yet more invective and yet more guesswork, as the two candidates are bang on 50/50 in the polls at present, and the remaining votes are likewise split pretty evenly between left and right.

In other words, the second round of 6th May could go either way – and the next couple of weeks should prove very interesting indeed, not least the impact that Bayrou and his centrist supporters might have. His endorsement could, potentially, shift the entire thing. Or not. Because no one really knows what the hell’s going to happen – and Bayrou’s lot also have the parliamentary elections in June to think about, so can’t risk pissing too many people off…

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