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Bye, Boris

Expecting insightful analysis about Yeltsin’s place in history? Sorry – my computer crashed again and ate that one. (And I’d been loosely working on it since I first heard the news yesterday afternoon and all…)

Instead, have a couple of clips that work as perfect encapsulations of both Yeltsin and Russia – the first, amiable lack of comprehension, but keenness to be seen to be in on whatever it is everyone else is banging on about ; the second, the initially entertaining unpredictability which is all good fun until you realise that this guy had his finger on the big red button…

Yep – Yeltsin was the perfect leader for Russia: drunk, a bit stupid, highly unpredictable, almost certainly extremely dangerous, and practically impossible to work out. Just like Russia itself.

Update: Go on then, have a mini roundup of good reactions – Ruminations on Russia puts him in context (though sadly no permanent link that I can find to the post, so check quickly), Blood and Treasure is somewhat dry (unlike Boris, of course), Sean is very good too, while Robert Amsterdam has a roundup of press reactions, and the Flying Rodent is – as so often – pretty much spot on.