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Some new EU blogs (and a new one from me)

A smattering of promising new EU blogs have crossed the radar in the last couple of days, all of which are worth a gander. In no particular order:

The Telegraph have now got around to replacing David Rennie, whose Brussels blog was just getting into gear when he left the paper back in December. The choice of new blogger is a very good one indeed – Daniel Hannan, long-time Telegraph journalist, Conservative MEP, author of several books on the EU, and a member of the European parliament’s constitutional affairs committee.

Another newly blogging journalist is the Financial Times’ EU correspondent Wolfgang Munchau. Despite the spartan, one-line entry look of the thing, click “more” and he’s actually got good, lengthy analysis on there. Unfortunately, though, his RSS feed doesn’t seem to be working…

Then there’s Shift Mag, an online version of a new print magazine that pitches itself as “Europe talks to Brussels – a platform for original, diverse and challenging views on Europe”. It is, however, done in a blog format, and with some promising articles up from the first edition.

Not quite a blog but almost, that new news channel France 24 have got in touch as they’re after non-French types to give opinions on the French presidential elections. Being a TV channel, they ideally want talking heads style video pieces, from what I can tell, but written, blog-style submissions are also welcome.

Then a proper, nicely zero-budget blog, Re: Europa, only started this month, so perhaps needs some encouragement to keep going (get through the pain/tedium barrier, it gets easier to stick with it). A good run-down of the EU Constitution situation shows much promise, at any rate.

And another proper blog, this time with a load more content: Cyrill Vatomsky – which has actually been going a while, from what I can tell, but is new to me. Focus appears to be the former USSR with a bit of EU affairs thrown in.

Oh, and it looks like long-running Swedish EU-blog Euroblog – a northern perspective is being updated more frequently again these days after a bit of a lull for the last year or so. Again, no working RSS (other than in Swedish) that I could find. Still, good news.

Add that to this roundup from a month ago (plus the blogroll, of course), that’s it covered EU-blogs wise, as far as I know.

My new blog project, by the by, isn’t really new – it’s the film blog I’ve been doing for the BBC for the last few months. It does, however, now have a proper design and a proper domain, so has officially come out of beta today. It is also (hopefully) going to start shifting direction and becoming rather more interesting/entertaining over the next month or so. You can find it here – and if you want to blogroll it as Pocket Films Blog, then ta muchly.