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Is it April Fools Day already?

“Formerly secret documents unearthed from the National Archives have showed Britain and France considered a ‘union’ in the 1950s.”

Not only that, but this supposedly happened – after an approach by the then French Prime Minister – only a few months before the Treaty of Rome came in to force, which was to give France more political influence than she had enjoyed in decades. Plus, they expect us to believe that when Britain rejected the idea, France came begging to be allowed to join the Commonwealth. Including adopting the Queen as head of state.

Chinny reckon


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  2. I thought I read about this before, it was considered during world war 2 I think, during a conference in Algiers or something, it was in Monnet's memoirs, I think.

  3. Will Hutton had an interesting take on France and the EU in his 'World we're in' book.

    He reckons that the French government was initially very lukewarm about the EU and some in the French parliament were hostile to the idea. It was only later, when they realised that, as the only one of the big-three members not to be a defeated Axis power, they could throw their weight around and take control of the EU, that they became more enthusiastic about it.

    Looked at from 2007, with French influence in the EU so strong, the idea that they might come cap in hand to the British looks ridiculous. In 1956, things may not have been so clear.

    BTW – Do kids still do chinny "rehk-kons"?