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In the UK, for the last couple of weeks it’s been all but impossible to avoid discussing the brain-dead actions of a small group of social outcasts locked in a garish TV studio that’s been converted into a televised zoo. You don’t need to have watched the thing to have an opinion, and mine has largely been to rivise my previous dislike of clusterbombing unarmed civilians

In Germany, meanwhile, they’ve been getting all excited about a dog who can balance a glass of water on its head. Again, there’s no need to see it to know that that’s bloody brilliant.

But as I’m so nice, I done gone tracked it down on You Tube for your delectation. Watch this, and tell me the world wouldn’t be a better place if Channel 4 was forced to replace Big Brother with rolling footage of abnormally trained animals.

Hideous screeching harpies launching entirely unjustified attacks on their betters, or dogs with low-key party tricks? No contest, is there? Germany here I come – to take the talented mutt across the border and buy that pooch a pint.


  1. Good to see the dog speak english

  2. The dog's pure TV gold but is it just me or do all German celebrities look really frightening?

  3. Chip: Gottschalk is a special case – he's actually quite restrained in that show.

  4. The amazing shows I'm missing since leaving the motherland…

    Haven't seen a single German blog mentioning this though, so may be not everyone was talking about it as Der Spiegel is trying to make you believe.

    Oh, and that scary looking "girl" (the one with the black hair, fake punk style) allegedly is male and member of "Tokio Hotel" (some kiddies band, apparently). If you blog about them you're almost guarantueed hundreds of comments by mad "Tokio Hotel" groupies. You have been warned.