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Sorry Tim,

But this is actually very funny. One of Guido’s best posts in a while, in fact.

(See here and my initial response here for those who are lucky enough not to get what’s going on. It’s a blog war, folks – never pretty…)


  1. "Never mind the quality, feel the width!"


  2. "One of Guido’s best posts in a while"

    Here's hoping I don't stumble upon one if his below-par efforts, then.

  3. Come on – he's deliberately picked up on pretty much everything that could potentially piss Tim off, including the stat-whoring, and run with it. The entire post is designed to underscore everything he's accused of, just to raise the irritation levels.

    If his major interest is getting traffic (which I think is certainly one of his key motivations), all this little spat is doing is helping him. If I were Guido, I'd be sitting back having a great time chuckling at all the free publicity…