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An EU Energy roundup

Over at European Tribune, courtesy of Jerome (who seems to know his stuff in this area), there’s a handy summary of reactions to the [tag]EU[/tag]’s new energy plans (documents here). He’s particularly handy explaining the conflict between [tag]environment[/tag]al concerns and the need to help bolster (or should that be break up?) European energy markets, and on the impact these new proposals are likely to have:

“we are left with grand announcements and somewhat ambitious targets that go in the right direction, but an absolute impasse on the implementation, with the business world and the [tag]European Commission[/tag] stuck on their mantra of ‘improving the Internal [tag]Energy[/tag] Market’ and ‘competition’ despite the fact that these will – and already – achieve the exact opposite of what’s targetted.

“Nothing will happen with this Commission. We’ll go on hearing the same arguments, I’ll spend more time deconstructing the same stupid articles, we’ll have more confrontations with Russia, with EDF or similar beasts that lead to nothing useful (but do cause a slow erosion of what made the French model work), and we’ll keep on moving towards the abyss.”

It’s a pessimism that seems to be shared by the Financial Times (on a blog I didn’t realise they had, but which looks rather good):

“Despite all the huffing and puffing in Brussels, I think there is a zero chance that the Commission will end up blowing down the empires built by Eon, GdF and their peers across Europe… In fact, the correct way to look at this week’s events is to see the Commission’s demands as a purely tactical move. Brussels is hoping that it can scare member states and energy groups into accepting at least a more clearer separation of supply and networks”

Here endeth the [tag]energy policy[/tag] discussion, at least for now. Surprisingly interesting, though, the politics of business… Not an area I usually bother with, and certainly not one I understand – may be worth digging into a tad more. (By the way – “more clearer”? Being used by a Financial Times journalist? Whatever next? “Most unique”?)

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