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Another bloody meme

Thanks (really, you shouldn’t have…) to Rachel for tagging me with the “Seven best things of 2006” thing – seems to be “best things you’ve done”, so makes it rather tricky. Had this been “Seven best things of 2005” it would have been a lot easier, as I actually, erm… did stuff that was worthwhile last year. 2006, however, has been packed largely with work. My sole holiday was two days in Devon about six months ago… So this will be excessively boring. Sorry about that – but it is a meme, so you shouldn’t expect too much excitement. Still, I’ll see what I can do… In no particular order:

1) Was made Acting Editor on my old magazine
2) Went full-time freelance (and had a suprisingly – and pleasingly – well-attended leaving do)
3) Triggered a mini-exodus of former colleagues thanks to me leaving (how sweet, etc…)
4) Helped one ex-colleague find and get her ideal job
5) Landed a gig writing for one of the few organisations I’ve got genuine respect for, and wrote several more articles for one of the few publications I respect to boot
6) Worked out a fair few new recepies for really rather tasty food (my sausage casserole may sound simple, but good God damn it’s nice)
7) Liberated Europe from the Nazi menace (not once, but twice – that’s just how much I hate Nazis…)

Here’s hoping 2007 is somewhat less uneventful. (Though preferably not in a bad way…)

As I’m supposed to tag seven people, I’ll go for Justin, Chicken Yoghurt, Mr McKeating, ChickYog, that blog book editor guy, twatfeatures and a beardy northerner – because he loves these things so much. (And yes, yes I do expect you to do it again seven times, you slacker…)