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More new(ish) blogs

Still insanely busy, so have more blogs – here to remind me to blogroll them as much as anything: the Times’ Daniel Finkelstein is still getting up to speed, but shows promise, while the Guardian’s Steven Poole (who once wrote nice things about one of my books) has been blogging intermittently since May last year, but recently seems to have got more prolific. Any encouragement I can give to keep him in blogland more regularly, etc.

The Insatiable Yucca is another – this time very new one – that shows definite promise, and MatGB may not be new to blogging, but he has got a shiny new blog.

N379P, combining my two loves of film and politics, is also a new one to me – and if anyone knows of other good film-related blogs, I’d be very grateful for a heads up for a new project I’ve been working on (details to follow in the next week or two, most likely). And now I have to head off to a wedding…