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Charles Clarke: hypocrite

Why can’t disgraced former Home Secretary (and apparently still a leadership hopeful) Charles Clarke make up his mind? Is he for or against infighting within the Labour party? It’s only been a week since he was firmly against it, two months after being for it, and now he’s all in favour again, publicly calling Gordon Brown “stupid”.Talk about flip-flopping – at least John Kerry only changed his mind once…


  1. does that matter? what matters of clarke's statement, i think, is that brown is in deep shit, if someone like Clarke dares to be so explicit and aggressive. but brown brought it upon himself, by letting his guys go too wild…

  2. I dunno – if Clarke continues with outbursts like this one in the Telegraph today (copied at Iain Dale's), he's going to be the one looking bad, not Brown, no matter how many people in the party might agree with the jug-eared fatso.

    I'd find it hilarious if they continued this childish hissy fit for another few weeks – it's great fun.

    The only Labour MP who's said anything sensible so far is my own, Glenda Jackson, suggesting that some in the party seem to want Cameron as the next PM. If they keep fighting like this, it'll be very, very hard to regain public trust. Plus they've given the Tories so many gifts of quotes to use in the next few election campaigns (Gordon Brown: "absolutely stupid… stupid stupid", etc.)

  3. i guess the infightin is not doing them any good, but there are at least two things that might on labour's side there:
    not to give the impression that the leader-to-be for the last 15 years has it easy might be a good thing; and also there is plenty of time until next general election; enough time so that, however the struggle is resolved, the public might forget