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Two years of near-daily blogging

And to celebrate, a redesign!

Here’s where I started properly – and since then it’s been near-daily updates all the way.

I liked the old design, but although it worked fine in Firefox and Safari, I’d been getting a few complaints that it didn’t show up properly in Internet Explorer – the sidebars weren’t working properly and ended up overlapping the posts.

This should now be fixed – although the second sidebar still doesn’t sit right in IE, for reasons that utterly escape me (any suggestions much appreciated, etc.). Trackbacks and Linkbacks also never seemed to work, which was annoying – I’m going to try and add those in during the next few days, if I can work out how.

Still, not bad for a coding novice, eh? Constructive criticism in the comments, if I can get them working in the next few minutes before I go to bed (they seem to have vanished at the moment, and I don’t know why…) – ta!