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Are A-levels getting easier?

Well let’s just say that when nearly a third of Northern Irish students can receive an A-grade in the things, with a UK-wide average of a quarter getting As, the thing starts to look a tad suspect. Being in the top 33 or 25 per cent does not, in my books, mean you have excelled, which is what I always thought an A-grade was supposed to indicate.

Personally I have no doubt whatsoever that the A-levels my partents took were significantly harder than the ones I did, because they kept their exam papers and I was able to compare them at the time. If you’ve made the mistake of speaking to a recent school-leaver with lots of A-grades, you’ll also be hard-pressed to understand just how they managed it with such a woeful lack of knowledge and understanding of pretty much anything.

Now, however, Matt T has produced a handy chart to help you work out what grades you’d have got had you sat the exams with today’s young whippersnappers. Hurrah! Does this mean I can change my CV?