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It has been far too hot for me to even contemplate thinking for at least the last week. I’m British, damn it – I can’t handle nice weather. As the various Sharpener people I had a drink with on Sunday will testify, I tend to melt and go pathetic in these temperatures.

In the meantime, I got interviewed about blogging and the like a couple of weeks ago by a chap from Cafe Babel – and the results are now online:

“Brainy he seems – and his habit of chain-smoking self-rolled cigarettes strangely adds to that image – but a screen-addicted geek he certainly isn’t.”

As I’m currently suffering from a case of heat-stroke, to prove that I’m not addicted to this blogging lark, posting is likely to remain light until we get some nice, cold, overcast weather again… In the meantime, that interview was part of a wider Cafe Babel look at blogs in Europe, most of which I haven’t had a chance to read yet. Looks like there’s some interesting stuff there though.

I can’t get angry when I’m already hot, so no rantings about strange responses to suicide, stupid responses to almost as stupid anti-terror raids, Alistair Campbell, dead terrorists, or the latest developments in the ongoing EU/Turkey pussyfooting. Sorry about that.

(Oh, and I appear to have inspired my interviewer to have started a blog of his own, and it looks rather promising thus far. Go have a gander and give him some encouragement.)

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