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The BBC and paedos

Lacking the facility to do a screengrab before they realise the cock-up, nonetheless this is worth flagging. A BBC news story with the headline “Homes crisis ‘down to immigration'” would tend to make you think that an official body has swallowed the BNP line. In fact, the summary of the story reads “The UK housing shortage is mainly down to single households not immigration, says the government.”This is why Sub-editors need to pay attention…

More hearteningly, the first page of most recommended comments for the BBC’s Have Your Say: Should paedophile laws be changed? is amazingly (currently) not full of extremist rantings for a change. In fact, only one comment on that page appears to think that scaremongering is a solution – and only one other demeans itself by arguing (I paraphrase) “it’s not paedos that’s the problem – it’s foreigners”.

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