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Ask Tony

Yep, it’s “pretend we care” time at Downing Street again, as Blair

“will be taking questions from two respected newspaper journalists, Sarah Sands of the Daily Mail and Michael White of The Guardian, as well as from users of the Downing Street website.”This is an opportunity for you to submit questions to be answered by the PM. The interviewers will select the questions and put them to the PM on your behalf.

“The new forum is open to anyone and is an opportunity for the public to challenge the PM on any subject they wish, just as MPs do every Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions Time.

“The interview will take place on Tuesday afternoon and be broadcast from 1700 BST that evening via our website.

“Please email your questions

“You should include your name and the town or city that you live in. Questions will be accepted up to 1200 BST on Tuesday 5 June.”

So, what are the chances of Sands or White picking some of the genuinely tough questions that will doubtless be sent off? And what are the chances of them receiving satisfactory replies?

Still, if it’s for real then it’s an interesting new approach, as they seem very keen to stress that, despite being the party of manufactured media, “The questions chosen to go to the PM will not be selected by his office.”