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Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill 2

Following my earlier highlights, check out Spyblog on the second day

“If you thought that yesterday’s debates on controversial Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill were difficult to follow, then today’s list of Amendments is even more obscure.”What is clear is that since all the Government Amendments were ‘programmed’ or ‘guillotined’ to be dealt with yesterday, somehow, as if by magic, the one Government amendment which we saw as a partial concession, New Clause 26, which would have prevented the Human Rights Act 1998 from being amended or repealed , by Order, and which would partially have prevented the new legislation from being used to self-modify itself, has been dropped!”

Hello? Any proper journalists out there? You guys should be all over this.

Update: It’s passed. 259 votes to 213. It’s now up to the Lords and then a united front alliance of the Tories and Lib Dems in the Commons on the third reading. After that, a stroke of a ministerial pen is all that stands between us and dictatorship. Hyperbolic? No, not really.