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UKIP: loonies and fruitcakes

UKIP prove they aren’t loonies and fruitcakes by, erm… turning up to the Tory conference with an armoured car and shouting at people. According to the BBC,

“UKIP has withdrawn its threat to sue the Conservatives for defamation, but says it will bankrupt itself out of existence fight every Tory marginal seat in the next election.”

And so the right continues to be divided – and the obvious source of opposition to the current government continues to fail to do its job – thanks to a bunch of idiots failing to see that the REAL threat to this country’s independence and traditions of liberty comes not from Brussels, but from Blair.

Go on UKIP, you morons – keep tilting at the Brussels windmill in a vain effort to “save” this country. Meanwhile the real danger, The Rt. Hon. A.C.L. Blair, MP, is busy looting, raping and pillaging the constitution while your backs are turned. Were UKIP to reunite with the Tories rather than engage in these pathetic public spats, Labour would be in genuine trouble. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so damned pathetic.