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Were I not so busy, I’d be biting my nails to ragged stumps:

“Mr Berlusconi’s centre-right coalition may narrowly retain control of both houses of parliament, according to projections from the Nexus pollsters.”Earlier, exit polls pointed to a narrow lead for his centre-left challenger, Romano Prodi…

“The Nexus projections, carried on the state broadcaster Rai, gave Mr Berlusconi’s forces 49.9% in the Chamber of Deputies (lower house), and Mr Prodi’s bloc 49.6%”

And that’s on a trunout of an estimate 85%. EIGHTY-FIVE… Of course, in this country, if Labour had a 0.3% lead they’d probably still end up with a majority of about 50 seats – based on those figures, Berlusconi would have a majority of about seven.

Still – he could still lose. Fingers crossed, eh?

Update: Damn. Forgot about Berlusconi’s recent reforms. See Phil in the comments for more likely possible majorities…