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Ukraine election pointers

Looks like the Guardian has recommended this place as a source for Ukraine info thanks to my liveblogging of the “Orange Revolution” back in November/December 2004 (see here for the relevant posts).

I am, however, massively out of touch with the situation over there – if you’re interested, try Foreign Notes, Orange Ukraine, Neeka’s Backlog, Leopolis, Publius Pundit’s Ukraine archives and the (English language) Kyiv Post.

Be careful though – the Kyiv Post is also perpetuating the “Yanukovich is pro-Russian, Yuschenko pro-Western” nonsense over-simplification that took many of us in during the Orange Revolution. Hell – even the BBC’s doing it… It really is nowhere near that simple – and there’s a lot more to it than mere post Cold War political repositioning going on out in Ukraine, with dodgy business links and behind-the-scenes financial/personal ties between almost all the major political figures in the country that are enough to put even Blair’s Labour party to shame…

Personally I’m rooting for Yulia Tymoshenko, but only because she’s rather prettier to look at than the other major figures (despite her bizarre hairstyle). Her origins are as uncertain as her intentions – much like the rest of the leading candidates.

In other words, whoever wins by the time all the votes are counted (probably sometime tomorrow), no one is likely to be able to predict the ramifications. Foreign Notes, however, seems to have been doing the most consistent job of informed, largely unpartisan coverage of political events over in Ukraine for the last year or so. Almost certainly the best place to start in an attempt to unravel and understand the Byzantine rivalries of the place.