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Today is St Patrick’s Day

Up and down the land people will be forking out the best part of three quid a pop on badly-poured pints of Guinness, doing bad Oirish accents and then falling into gutters (normally while wearing novelty hats). Tomorrow our pavements will be awash with black vomit, our toilet bowls clogged with the particularly viscous after-effects that an evening on the black stuff tends to produce. I doubt the real St Patrick would have approved…

So I tell you what – how about we all drink one pint less tonight, and instead bunk the money to a good cause. Not only will we all be less hungover in the morning, we might do some good.

Following this observation back in January, EDM 1500 is doing rather better, with nearly 70 signatories – including my MP at number 4. But it’s still a fairly pathetic turnout by MPs for what is, in most people’s books, a bit of a no-brainer – how is it possible NOT to support extra funding to allow people, and particularly terminally-ill children, to die with a bit of dignity?

As such, how about giving the price of a pint to Roisin & Wallace Murray to help them raise money for the Rainbows and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospices?

At the very least, go and give them some support on their fundraising blog as they prepare for their 1000km walk. They’re hoping to raise �1million – how about us British bloggers help them get some publicity, eh?

Update: Tell you what, to make it even easier you can bunk donations to my (empty) PayPal account in the far right column, and I’ll pass on all money received. I have a track record of being trustworthy on these things.

Update 2: Thanks to one Mr Worstall, the kitty is no longer empty – plus I’ve realised I had a small amount of advertising revenue in there, which will naturally join the total.

Update 3: Now also up at AgoraVox.