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I am not a geek – official

Have spent this weekend toying with importing my archives to Wordpress as a back-up and possible precursor to a move to a dedicated domain name. Utter waste of time. Can’t work it out at all. And Wordpress has altered the way you set up the look of the things, as far as I can tell, so I can’t work out how to edit the default templates, and the entire thing looks shite.

Grrrr… I may have to stick with Blogger for the time being after all. I am useless.


  1. Maybe in a bit – I think I may have worked out part of the problem: haven't got the remote hosting sorted yet, and may not be able fiddle with templates until I do. Doesn't explain the irritating lack of Blogger importing, mind – but that could be due to the size of my archives, well over 1000 posts…

    I might get back to you, in other words. Ta.

  2. There are a number of ways of altering the look. Starting with a basic template and gradually tweaking the CSS is probably the best option.

    As for importing, did the script just not work at all? The script seems to require you to log in from the Wordpress script page in the dashboard, which is rather different to the experience I had.

  3. Which version of Wordpress is it? You might want to think about using Typepad or something else instead, on the basis that they can hardly be worse than Blogger.

    As for the look, as far as I remember you need to combine changes in the CSS and photoshopping: What exactly is it you want to do with the theme?

  4. Longrider: Yep – script just didn't work. May have more luck once I've got the remote hosting sorted out. Think I'll probably concentrate on the rest of the site first, get that working, then sort out the blog aspects (there's likely to be more than one, just for convenience's sake…)

    Jawbox: I basically want the Wordpress one to look as similar to this Blogger one as possible – same three-column layout, same colour-scheme, the works. Might be able to do something with the Sharpener design along those lines, but I don't think I can start trying that until I've sorted the hosting situation.

    This could take a while…

  5. I simplified mine – opting for a two column layout. I kept the general theme, but dropped some of the clutter. A change is a good time for a spring clean.

  6. Replicating the header is a photoshop job, as I say. As for the rest of it, you want to find an existing theme that's as close as possible to what you've got currently, and then just go through it altering the HEX codes and so on. This is pretty much what I did with mine, and it's a task requiring lots of patience, tea/coffee, and chocolate cake/diazepam (delete as appropriate).

    To this end, I can email you the addresses of the theme and HEX sites that I used, if you want.

  7. Photoshop's not a problem. But what's a HEX code?

  8. You're not alone. I've spent a fair bit of today attempting to fiddle around with a wordpress blog with a view to launching a new project. Four cups of tea later and I was still none the wiser.

  9. HEX codes are usually 6-character codes that web browsers read as colours. In simple cases, they can be 3 characters: for example, #000 is white. #28B5C6 and #DBF3F6 are the varying green-blue colours that I have.

    To change these, you open your CSS file with Notepad or something, then use the 'find' command to go through the file finding all the occurances of the old colours' HEXs, and replacing them with the codes for the colours you want to use instead.

    Is this making sense?

  10. the lighter blue on this site is #224466, the darker one is #113355 and the yellow is #ffcc66 if that helps…