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Charles Clarke

I’m very tempted to offer a bounty on Charles Clarke. If that big-eared, bestubbled waste of oxygen doesn’t keel over and die soon, his fatuous, hypocritical bile is going to give me a hernia. It’s him or me, and I’m not going down without a fight. He’s a big lad, but I reckon I could take him. I mean, what the hell is this?

“I hope the Lords will recognise that this manifesto commitment, voted through by the elected chamber, should be respected”

Listen Charles, you asinine moron – the precise wording of the manifesto was

“rolling out initially on a voluntary basis as people renew their passports”

The opposition peers are actually helping you to stick to your sodding manifesto, you hideous waste of sperm. Now kindly crawl into a secluded corner and die (preferably taking Blair with you).