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Farrage – balanced?

If you want a balanced analysis of the proceedings of an economic summit, who better to get in to do it than a man who wants to end the very institution holding said summit. Yep, EUPolitix have got in Nigel “we’ve got to get back to running our own country” Farrage, the man behind most of the UK Independence Party’s (frankly rather silly) policies, to “analyse” the EU’s spring summit. Interestingly, however, they refer to him only as “co-leader of the IND/DEM group in the European parliament” – which makes him sound rather less like a barking loon than my description.

However, after his mind-numbingly tedious and over-extended cricketing metaphor (cricket – it’s British, see?) I somewhat doubt he’ll be asked back again. Some of the worst writing I’ve seen in a long while (and I was looking through some of the tedious attempts at short stories I wrote while an undergrad the other day… Even worse than that…)

Oh yes – this was funny too. Chirac walking out because of people not speaking French. Heh… France once again acting like the spoilt toddler of Europe.

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