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On unfunny cartoons

I agree with this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and especially this.

In short, this is all more complex than it appears and everyone involved should grow the hell up and stop acting like those fat toddlers you seen rolling around on the floor screaming when Mummy doesn’t buy them a sweetie. Most importantly, the cartoonists who sparked the whole thing off should piss off to art school, learn how to draw, and then get a sense of humour from somewhere. If those shoddy, sub-schoolboy efforts had been posted on b3ta does anyone really think they’d get frontpaged? I doubt they’d even be worthy of a “woo”, let alone a “woo yay”.

But whoops – I’m appealing to reason, and everyone involved is a moron. The newspaper editors who were prepared to pay for and print such cack are morons for being duped into parting with cash. The Muslim nutties who got offended are morons for having so little confidence in their faith that some artless scribbles shake its foundations. The people who have turned this into a free speech issue are morons for being conned into supporting talentless idiots who actually most likely WERE intending to be offensive. Anyone who unreservedly apologises – beyond saying “yes, some of them were offensive, but the most important thing is they were crap and had been seen by hardly anyone until you idiots started kicking up a fuss” – is a moron.

Why does it always seem to be shite that gets more publicity thanks to nutters complaining? Jerry Springer the Opera was rubbish. David Cronenberg’s Crash was by far his worst film. I – and undoubtedly a large number of other people – only made the effort of watching them BECAUSE of the fuss kicked up.

Is it really such a hard concept to grasp? Controversy => MORE publicity, you idiots. It’s hardly a new idea – in fact, both Jesus and Mohammed used controversial words and actions to get noticed when they were starting out. And both of them were probably better cartoonists than the people responsible for this little spat.

Update: You see, this is funny. Obvious, perhaps, but funny nonetheless. The ones this fuss is over are just plain rubbish.

Update 2: Aaaah! NOW I know why Muslims don’t like the Prophet being depicted – it’ll reveal his secret identity as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch…

Update 3: Further proof of the Johnny Storm theory – a nutty demonstrator holding a “Fantastic Four on their way” sign. Does that make Jesus Mr Fantastic? Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman,the Holy Ghost? So where does The Thing fit into it all?