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Tony Blair in “clueless idiot” shocker. Apparently The problem with the West Lothian Question isn’t that Scottish MPs can provide the votes needed to impose policies on England which will not affect Scotland thanks to its separate legal and political systems, it’s that to NOT allow them to override the auld enemy to the south would “create two classes of MP” and this would create “all sorts of problems”.

Problems for who, Tony? For your party, which got 600,000 fewer votes than the Tories in England, by any chance?

“We have got a UK Parliament. In the end I totally understand why people think it’s a good idea from other political parties, but in the end, if you try to divide MPs up into two categories and then you have to define the legislation they are able to vote on, you will find it very hard”

No Tony, it’s not very hard. You look at the legislation and ask “is this going to affect England only?” (e.g. quite a chunk of education and health policy) – if the answer’s “yes” then Scottish MPs shouldn’t vote… If you find that “hard” you’re a moron, Tone.