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Well, that’s the Lib Dems fucked

Nice going, guys. Hound out of office the only one of you anyone knows and likes (bar Lembit Opik, who no one takes seriously), and show yourselves up to be a bunch of infighting, childish morons in the process.

Lib Dems take note for future reference: the reason no one takes you seriously as a political party is not because your leader’s a pissartist, it’s because you’ve got a bunch of utterly stupid and often contradictory policies knocking about and not enough MPs to make an impact on anything.

Neither of these are Kennedy’s fault – the former is thanks to your overly “democratic” party structure (what’s the point of a leader in a direct democracy anyway? He was little more than a spokesman…), the latter due to the current electoral system.

Your next leader’s not going to manage any better – in fact, he’s almost certain to do a hell of a lot worse in the current climate where both main parties are fighting over a tiny patch of the centre ground with personalities and prettiness. All he/she is likely to manage is to secure Kennedy a place in party history as the fondly-remembered might have been man.

Bye bye, Lib Dems – it was nice knowing you…