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Kilroy’s nutty ex-buddy after Barrymore

The name raised my suspicions, but having just seen the guy on the news it’s been confirmed:

The lawyer responsible for the headline-grabbing new private prosecution against Michael Barrymore is indeed Robert Kilroy-Silk’s former litigious assistant (though they are no longer on speaking terms), failed UKIP candidate, co-founder and one-time technical leader of Veritas (remember them?), road sign thief, public proponent of the “Mohammed was a Paedophile” theory (for which he was expelled from UKIP), member of bonkers self-appointed moral guardians Christian Voice, and associate of ex-chairmen of the National Front, Anthony Bennett (pictured below, in typical maniacal pose).

Judging by Bennett’s less than successful track record with pretty much every campaign with which he’s ever been involved, Barrymore should have little to worry about…