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Via Jarndyce, there’s a “live” webchat with Louise Casey, Head of the Government’s “Respect task force”, over at Number 10’s website this afternoon at 3pm. All questions, naturally, to be submitted for vetting in advance… Jarndyce’s submission is rather fun – I went for short and (surprisingly) non-sweary:

“Respect has to be earned – why, exactly, should we respect a Prime Minister who keeps launching legislation designed to cut back on our civil liberties and rewarding his friends and party donors with peerages?”

Something tells me that neither of us will be responded to…

Update: Apparently it’s starting shortly – only 10 minutes late… But why is it being hosted by The TwoFour Group rather than on Downing Street’s own site?

Update 2: First question in “obvious plant” shocker! Short version: “Aren’t ASBOs great?” The answer admits the problem of drunks causing trouble, but no mention of 24 hour drinking…

Update 3: God, this is tedious. A question that isn’t even a question from one “Jimmy Devlin” (the same Jimmy Devlin who claimed to have lost trust in Labour back in September 2003? HIf so, he seems to have regained it…) – short version? “Everything the government has proposed is great”

Oooh! And a great piece of doublethink from our Louise: “People need to know that there are rules in decent societies and if you break those rules you face consequences. We can only have liberty and live without fear if we are secure in the knowldge that rules are there to make us safe.” Summary justice ends fear! Rules are freedom! Hurrah!

Update 4: Good God, it’s turning into The Field of Dreams: “The more people know the more people will come forward” – “If you build it, they will come…” Or should that be Wayne’s World?

And now “Tony Cranwell” gets his second question answered, while those from Jarndyce, Mr McKeating and others go ignored…

Update 5: And now a second question from “Brian Baitup” is responded to…

Update 6: “Absolutely nothing will ever excuse throwing a stone at an old aged pensioner walking down the street” – not even it it’s Thatcher?

And where the hell did this crap come from? “not allowing a single mum to get in a shop without hassling her to buy them alcohol or taking over a toddler’s playground to start fires” – eh?