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Old friends remember Tony Blair:

  • “Blair’s tendency was to bend the rules, but rarely break them… Instead, he enjoyed the game of infuriating the masters and escaping punishment.”
  • “He did have this disarming ability to never look crestfallen, so he would never look as if he’d been defeated. And he became … a sort of slightly aged Artful Dodger – getting through, getting by, getting out of pretty well all situations.”
  • “Blair as we knew him absolutely modelled himself on Mick Jagger”
  • “He’s a sponge”
  • “He is more difficult to define and to feel you understand than any other person I’ve ever met. He reminds me frequently of a statement made by EM Forster about Joseph Conrad’s novels: that inside the secret casket of Conrad’s genius there lies not a jewel but a vapour. Tony Blair is like a vapour, you can’t pin him down, put him on a piece of green baize and look at him and say, ‘That is Tony Blair.'”
  • Sounds charming, eh?