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Can anyone tell me where the proof is behind the Independent’s Terror suspects describe alleged torture ‘in front of MI6 agents’ headline? I don’t doubt that it’s possible, but it hardly tallies with the sixth paragraph of the article:

“However, the Pakistanis did not confirm that British agents were present, referring only to “two male non-Greek speakers, one of them black”. However, Mr Munir’s interpreter, Irfan Tamour, said that others from the group had told him that they had heard some of the captors speaking English.”

Wow! People in Europe speaking the most widely spoken language in Europe! Surely not!

Note to everyone who’s worried about this whole possibility of our government being involved in torture business: make sure your evidence is conclusive, or it’ll be dismissed as mere nutjob consipracy theories. So far this Greece thing seems plausible but not indisputable, so remains largely ignored.

Update: Hmmm… Just picked up this week’s Private Eye, which names the MI6 Athens station chief the Indy says the government is banning the publication of in the UK, and says that the Foreign Office has admitted he was present at interrogations. Curiouser and curiouser. Were these interrogations torture or weren’t they? In other torture news Craig Murray notes the lack of official response to his breaking of the Official Secrets Act. What on earth is going on here?