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The latest Labour email propaganda missive

Just hit the inbox. From Jo Brand (remember her?). It begins thusly:


I’m Jo, a Labour supporter and you may have seen me on telly. Have you noticed the big news this week?

David Cameron (Dave to his friends), an old Etonian distantly related to the Queen, has been elected leader of the Conservative Party.”

Would this be an email from the same Labour party whose own leader went to the Scottish public school Fettes? The same Labour party whose leader’s old housemaster is David Cameron’s old headmaster?

And would this be the same Jo Brand who went to the (now closed) fee-paying girls’ school Beresford House in Sussex?

And, more importantly, would where any of these people went to school actually matter for shit?

Or would this merely be yet another attempt to use the tired tactic of stirring up class antagonisms and resentments in a desperate, hypocritical attempt to hang on to power?