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Rejoice! There’s a new Bribery consultation paper:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department (Fiona Mactaggart): I am pleased to announce the publication today of the Government’s consultation paper on reform of the laws of bribery.

Although the crime of bribery remains relatively rare in the UK, it is vital that we, through our actions and principles, remain vigilant and promote high standards of propriety at home and abroad.”

Just as well we’re so good at avoiding corruption, bribery and fraud in the UK, eh? No wonder these new laws are focussed on “bribery of foreign public officials” – nothing like that would ever happen with our own public officials, would it?

Oh, and it may be worth noting that these new (proposed) laws are now eight years late

(Links courtesy of Labour Watch’s Labour Sleaze page – which I didn’t even get halfway through in compiling that little lot…)

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