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If you haven’t got anything worth saying, etc…

It has got to that stage of the year
Where tedium’s sunk in, I fear.
When I read in the papers
Of politicos’ capers
I think “sod it, I fancy a beer”.

So I slag off our our crap government
(Although it does not pay the rent).
It’s getting quite boring –
Some readers are snoring
But still, they can go and get bent.

But it’s true I have not much to say
On the hottest of topics today
So I’ve resorted to poem
(Though my verse is not flowin’
In an especially brilliant way).

Yet to write of non-ordinary rendition
In the hope of some Blairite contrition
I cannot be arsed,
Though these people are parsed
And flown off without their permission.

When it comes to world tarriff reform
I am likewise made quickly forlorn
Political economy
Is too far beyond me
I wish it had never been born.

So why write of globilisation
When I know more about this nation?
With its cricket and pubs
And hooded-top thugs
That rob us with so much elation?

But even there, with the old NHS
On my interest it fails to impress:
The doctors and nurses
Are muttering curses
That the government still fails to address

And as for the city of Brussells
Where I first flexed my blog-writing muscles,
It’s all dull as hell –
And confusing as well –
And prompts too many comment-box tussles.

So what should I write about, then,
When I raise my (metaphorical) pen?
For now I don’t know,
So I’ll take it more slow,
And I’ll see you again as and when.