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Call me a fascist by all means, but I’d say if a killer has “incomplete moral development of mental functioning” (a description that could be applied to most, if not all murderers, surely?), they should be locked up for the protection of society as a whole, not given the option of early release because them being a nutter means “their responsibility was diminished”. Yes, that’s right – I’m advocating the incarceration of sociopaths, psychopaths, and basically anyone who’s a bit mental and violent.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of legal reforms, I’d also advocate the elimination of all age restrictions currently in place when it comes to sentencing – utterly illiberal not to have everyone equal under the law, after all. If you’re old enough to commit a crime, you’re old enough to be convicted for it. It might also act as a bit of a deterrant to those little brats who reckon they can get away with anything just because they’ve yet to reach legal maturity.

And now I’ll try and stop sounding so much like a Daily Mail editorial for a bit.