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Oliver Kamm being involved in the drafting of a tedious, over-long rant about Noam Chomsky? Surely not… Aaronovitch being involved is also not a surprise. Francis Wheen, however, I thought had more sense.

Note to everyone involved – Chomsky is merely a very tedious public speaker (if comptetent philologist) with an inexplicably obsessive fanbase, most of whom have misunderstood or inadvertently twisted most of his few interesting points. His political ideas are usually ill-thought-out at best – which is why they are often thought-provoking, because they leave so much unanswered in their wordy simplicity.

He is also a masterly self-publicist, as this little exercise proves – and to top it all appears to be a hypnotist, as brain-washing can surely be the only explanation (bar some kind of unrequited lust) for this continued relentless boredom of some people’s never-ending insistence on “correcting” supposed misconceptions about the opinions of a man of whom the vast majority of the population have never heard.