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Following his amusing piss-take a few days back, blogging Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell has returned with an evidently long-considered, demolition of Labour’s Education White Paper. The palpable exasperation of this old Labourite is almost painful. Can’t say I agree with him on everything, but he makes his points very well indeed:

“these principles, while sounding good, in fact drain the under-privileged schools of money (which goes to the expanding ones), good children (who’ll gravitate or be sent by parents and the New Advisers to the schools with teaching ability and numbers). Empowerment of the pushy hurts the humble, the inarticulate, the indifferent and the poor…

“Any understanding of human or even professional nature tells us that whatever promises are made of “no selection”, “serving all” and a “full spread of ability”, the key to success for schools will be results. That means getting more of the better kids to drive the league tables. Surely you’ve researched this and its effects on draining the less successful schools? So let’s hear it for the people. Our people.”

Go read. Good man, that Mitchell – a rarity in the Commons.