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Tony Blair, acting in a self-contradictory manner? Surely not!

Prime Minister’s Questions today:

“The DUP’s David Simpson kicks off by drawing an immediate parallel with the tragedy in Bradford: would the prime minister grant an amnesty to her killers, as the Northern Ireland (offences) bill will do for killers on the run for offences before 1998?

“Mr Blair says he is meeting the widows of RUC officers this afternoon, at the request of the unionist parties, but says the bill is something ‘that has to be dealt with’ in the context of the peace process.”

In other words, known (if unconvicted) terrorists are being let off the hook and allowed to get away without blame/court cases for fear of stirring up more anger and violence.

So how can this be reconciled with this little exchange from the end of the session?:

“Labour’s Dan Norris complains that a Lib Dem council will be adopting a ‘no-blame’ approach to bullies during national no bullying week. ‘I’m shocked,’ replies Mr Blair.”

Terrorists should be allowed to get away with it (presumably as long as they aren’t brown Islamic terrorists); bullies shouldn’t. Nice to see they’ve got their priorities right…

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