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And trying to catch up with everything I missed. A lot of mental shit’s been happening in both the UK and on the continent while I’ve been away, so it may take me a while. Best missed headline so far? “Blair says MPs are out of touch” – ha ha ha!

Oh, and interesting missed discovery, this table (leeched from here):

Please note the ridiculously low levels of “faith hate” crimes. For why, then, do we need specific “Religious Hatred” legislation? There would appear to be significantly fewer “faith hate” crimes per year than there are injuries caused by slips on workplace steps – so where’s the legislation to rubber-coat all office staircases, eh?

Tomorrow, or possibly later today – assuming I can find somewhere convenient to host them now that my MSN Groups account is pretty much full – expect some pretty pictures of Japan and stuff. Normal blogging service here should, I hope, resume on Monday.

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