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Great Grimsby (Pffft!) MP Austin Mitchell rules. And he should blog more often. A sample, from his latest musings on Labour’s “Educashun White Paper”:

“Then, finally, Triumph. The follow-up Press Release: “Parents give schools plan the thumbs up”. MP rushes back to Westminster to give Ruth Kelly the good news. “I have no doubt that they will get their message will be heard (sic) in Westminster loud and clear”. There’s even a quote provided to prove it: “[[INSERT PARENT NAME]] a parent at the event said “The government’s plans are really ambitious. I’m pleased they want to give parents control … but I was even more pleased the [[NAME]] MP and the head bothered to take time out to listen to my views”. Democracy Works!”

Austin Mitchell: top chap – and decent photographer to boot. I raise my glass to you, sir.

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