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The Guardian in “yet another article about blogging” non-shocker! This time focussing on some of the big boys of UK blogging and featuring a few familiar friends – as well as a bunch of people I honestly couldn’t be arsed to read if you paid me. In fact, the best writer on their list (our Justin) and person providing the most valuable and regularly updated service (Mick Fealty at Slugger) hardly get a look-in during the course of the main article, and there seems to be a vague assumption that UK blogland has evolved entirely separately from that of the US – an interwebnet Galapagos Islands or summat.

Plus, naturally, I’m bitter that they didn’t get in touch with me. The bastards.

Either way, worth a look – and the print edition apparently has pictures of the buggers and stuff, so you can keep an eye out and know who to avoid if you see them in the street.