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A prime example of how locking people up without putting them on trial can lead to resentment, anger and alienation:

Arrested December 2003 and released without charge after six days, then re-arrested in August 2004 by request of the United States and held ever since without facing trial, today dear old Charles Clarke has decided to allow Babar Ahmad’s extradition even though a) British police failed to find enough evidence to bring him to trial, b) he may face the death penalty, and c) the US still refuses to agree to do the same for us. Hurrah!

Please note also a reminder that the “90 days” thing was not, despite claims, going to be enough for our lords and masters, no matter all the bullshit about not planning to bang people up longer down the line:

“Mr Clarke had an initial 60 days in which to approve or reject the judge’s decision, and was twice given two-month extensions because of the “complex representations made about the case”

Six months – twice the 90 days the government claimed was “all” they needed, and Charlie STILL didn’t have enough evidence to come to a decision… Admittedly he’s not the brightest of sparks, but nonetheless…

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