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Right – I’m off.

Leaving for Tokyo first thing in the morning. I’m back in the UK on the 11th, and have no idea how often I’ll be able to post while I’m away.

In the meantime, check out another new find, Rachel from North London, the blog of a survivor of the King’s Cross/Russell Square tube bomb on 7th July – she was in the carriage in which the bomb detonated, killing 26. She’s currently on a bit of a drive to help other survivors recover:

“There’s a big push on now though, from us in the survivor group to let other survivors know they can meet fellow-passengers from the train, before the November 1st Memorial Service for the Victims at St. Paul’s Cathedral. We’re on a bit of a deadline, before the news moves on, which it will soon. (Plus we are seeing that it seems to be about now – 3 months on – that the impact is really hitting people, now that the shock is fading, the emotional blowback kicks in.)”

Do what you can to help spread the word, eh? Our dear government, and even Ken Livingstone with his much-publicised fund for the victims, have so far managed to do effectively tit all (there’s a surprise). We can slag off the policies that have arisen in the aftermath as much as we like, but others have far more to worry about.

Otherwise, help out with expanding the Wikablog, as helpfully explained by our own dear Devil’s Kitchen. The bigger it gets, the better.

And, considering I’m getting back on November 11th, why not ponder donating to help ex-Service and Service men and women and their dependants? They have, let’s face it, got a bastard of a job. Again, we can slag off the policies and the politicians who make them, but these guys bear the brunt of those decisions. They deserve our support.

Right. Me done. Ta-ta for now.

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