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Enter, stage right, accusations of giving in to terror and yet more misunderstandings of the nature of the Spanish vote in the elections which followed the Madrid bombings.

Though it must be said, issuing arrest orders for foreign soldiers over friendly fire incidents that took place in another country, and when those killed were journalists who had voluntarily sat themselves in the middle of a warzone, does strike me as a tad silly.

Thanks to my wonderous judicial expertise (gained by once being accepted for a law conversion course, but later turning it down due to lack of funds, thus losing myself a cool hundred quid, the bastards), I’d likely rule death by misadventure. Tragic, stupid and everything – but if you don’t want to get killed, don’t plonk yourself in the middle of a city that’s currently being bombed and invaded. Simple. Oh, and look both ways before you cross the street. And don’t make fun of that little bloke in the corner of the pub – you know, the one who always sits on his own, nursing his pint, and staring at everyone under his eyebrows.

(More on this from Spanish blog – in English – Barcepundit, with the case for more arrest warrants…)

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