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Morning warning

Due to a workplace “efficiency drive” my access to the internet is, in places, becoming very restricted – and thanks to Telewest being shit I currently have no web access at home. I am currently looking into ways around these rather excessively pissfucking irritating problems, just in case normal service gets interrupted.

Meanwhile, today is the launch of the new European Parliament website – long-awaited after year upon year of labyrinthine confusion, hideousness and lack of usability. It’ll be worth checking out later in the day – no matter what your opinion of the EU it should be a handy new resource, finally enabling us to find out what the hell our MEPs get up to a bit more – both through dedicated sections where we can look up their details (according to the press release we can look up “their mandates within the Parliament and the work they have done, such as questions they have put to the Commission and Council, resolutions and reports they have drawn up and speeches they have made during plenary sessions… In the archives this information is available as far back as 1979”) and through live streaming video of EP debates…

Fingers crossed for something good, eh?

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